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Lost Scape

This project is to imagine the Fukushima future more clearly after 100 years. And, I hope that it will be an opportunity to think the future of humanity and our planet.

Large park that Watarase Retarding Basin is located just 75 km north of Tokyo. This park has lot of water. But it is a dead land. In my point of view, here is the future of around Fukushima number one nuclear power plant. The late 1800s, this park was the stage for the first time of pollution problems in Japan. It is typical tragedy that occurs in significant industrial development of the human race. Large quantities contaminated water in mineral poison has been flowing from the mine plant upstream of the river.
Enormous health damage was caused by contaminated water. About 1000 people died in mineral poison in the region. (Mineral poison = Copper and lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals) The government has abandoned village the Yanaka Village of population 2,500. They evicted the residents who had opposed the move, and destroyed their houses.
Vast wetland of 33 km² is surrounded by embankment. There is a 4.5 km² of man-made lake in it. River flow was induced into the Retarding Basin. Contaminated river water is induced in the Retarding Basin precipitate the mineral poison. They tried to prevent the spread of damage to downstream by these techniques. Now after more than 100 years. Diffusion of the mineral poison was stopped. Here is not possible to live people even now. We can't be returned to the field that can make crops.

Resolution of environmental pollution is required enormous time and expense. On the other hand, nuclear power business and resource development has been globally ongoing.
Now, we have been asked to predict the future of the planet accurately..
Because human beings to exert a great ability to escape from a concrete crisis.
I hope that this series will be useful in the future of the planet.

-Hiroaki Hasumi