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Original Washi

Series "SAKURA ISM" is printed on a “Washi” (Traditional Japanese paper).
These are special handmade Washi for the project to SAKURA ISM by the craftsmanship. My works is very important to print to which media to express the spirit of Japan. I tried a lot of products that avelable in the market, but I could not find out my demand.
President of Ise washi company and I decided to develop a new paper. We many times try and error. Finally, new paper was completed in January 2016.
We have named "Ise Washi Mitsumata Three-layer Paper".
Project of Only one Art papers in the world was completed.

mitsumata sansou shi.JPG

• This print paper is one by one handmade production are by the craftsmen of Ise Washi establishment 115years.
• Sakura of whiteness, to bring out the beauty of gold, we use the raw materials "mitsumata" of fiber is beautiful 100% Japan production.
• There is a flatness and tension and sense of weight that is suitable for Art Photography by the three layers at the time of production.
•100% natural material without chemical. PH value is neutral. Result is extremely long life paper.